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Dear Sirs
From the European Commission and Parliament

Issue: vs //
Date: 2010/06/09
We are against any discrimination that violates the men’s rights and equality of positive discrimination and privileges.
Men are always violate in their rights just because the feminism is not banish and is considered as a kind of humanism that it is hypocrite, feminist is destroying men and the humanity and will bring more sides effects against the nature.

Concretely we are concerned about the discrimination that is negative to man or by negligence but positive to women about the salary difference, especially in Belgium.

It is fallacious that women are losing more than men because:

Men work more time than women and if is created a positive discrimination man should work less time or equally as women to don’t be exploited by them as they already are.

Men are discriminated by the courts and by women to don’t care the Childs and to don’t receive the Childs privilege as family allowance and food allowance (in French allocation familière et allocation alimentaire).

Men don’t have privileges from the employment centers as or to receive money by working apart-time.

Men cannot work and they don’t have too much chances to work in men’s rights associations to represent them in the international governmental organizations to defend their rights as the feminists has and many feminist deputies and employees from the government, including European commission, that should be to defend the rights of the humans beans whiteout no positive and negative discrimination.

A positive discrimination bring a negative or negligent discrimination against another gender, usually is man that is negatively or negligee by the positive discrimination that are always to women and if it is made any positive to men the feminist would attack, even the women.

We demand that would be stopped the hypocrisy of the feminism and victimize.

We demand that any option of women can not be all the option, none can have all or they decided the child or the profession, as men has to opt as well.

We seen in Belgium discrimination against man in social policies, criminal policies (including many legislative discriminations as for example in the mutilation that is less for men than for women the years of prison), family policies and divorce, health policies including the prevention and treatment of male cancers than women, natality policies that women earns too much money top have children and has by free consulting offices of family planning, abortion by free and anti-conceptive by free all robbing the money from those men who are working and giving their lives, energy and health to then discount their wage to the government manipulated by the feminists, even if the government has more man is not necessary that they have all the power and they still became resistant to the feminist pressure.

Men cannot use pills safe for their health, men cannot demand that were embezzled in reproduction from women and demand sexual fraud lawsuit against women and don’t accept legally the children to be their sons. Men cannot abort a woman that has his fetus as women can.

Men have to make justice by their hands even if it is against the law as killing the feminist female judge of peace that stole his home and properties putting him as homeless and the wife staying whit his house and patrimony.

Men cannot have the chance easily as women to have social help and even to be exclude of paying any charge that he cannot have capacity even the food allowance if he doesn’t pay because he don’t have enough or is victim of family violence, discriminations or reproductive fraud by the sexual partner to have children whiteout knowing he cannot denied it or he would be in jail for 1 year (so leave the European space and go to Africa, Asia or Latin America).

Better the Arabic fields because who give freedom and rights the women would abuse it and demand more and more, exceeding men’s rights, liberties and warranties in equality.
We guess and should be fair for men to stop to work in the feminist androphobic countries, the enterprises should chance the territory and the economy would decrease as it happens in the European most androphobic country that it is




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