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The feminist hypocrisy of male reproductive rights

In answer to the hypocrite and demagogic androphobic new made by a
feminist female journalist in USA,
entitled "Abusive male partners use 'reproductive coercion' to maintain control" in

Men is really victim of sexual and
reproduction exploitation by women specially feminist and androphobicsthat
wants to transformed women in victims, that in reality is hypocrite victims,
forcing to became men gays instead of hetero.

Feminism manipulates the nature and sexual
determinism to the artificialities as homosexuality, that is very much
comprehensible and we agree that in a feminist anti-humanist society.

Answering to the news, women if they don’t
want children or engage in any marital or conjugal compromises so, they should
divorce, men has the right to demand, as a husband and progenitor to have
children or to don’t have.

Many women, force men to have children or
to avoid relationships without condom, just to coerce to have children, many of
them also fraud the husband telling him and stimulating him for sex, to have relationships
whiteout condom to get pregnant, but in the meantime they lie to the husband or
sexual partner that they are taking the pill or another contraceptive act that
men cannot realize, then they get pregnant and they exploit men as a progenitor
or force him to accept, or divorce because their objective is already done.

The feminists usually try to don’t homologate
the feminist victimisme and doesn’t study the male victimism try to coerce/ignore
them to defend their rights and to homologate the studies.

Without mention that coerce the male organizations
to defend men’s rights and to give answers of studies-against by the principle of
sciences and contradictory.

Men still is discriminated in reproduction,
as abortion rights as a progenitor to don’t be charged, as the legislative negligence
of sexual female frauders vs men and also contraceptive secure pills for men,
because the current cause testicle cancer.

There’s no book enough well know that
reveals all the feminist hypocrisy and answer the contradictory and reality of
the feminist sophism and anti-epistemology conclusions.

Better leave USA and all the develop countries
that are extremely feminist and androphobic.

Best regards.






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