De viamrec a 8 de Dezembro de 2007 às 23:28
Women no longer is a civil exceptional in pregnant cases and it is feminist and machist write that knowing that women is the army and belong to military forces, if women is a civil men is a civil when doesn't belong to that so is a higher discrimination of men's rights and equitability or equal rights, even against women.

There are many women in the world so is normal to do more and even we don't know is those women are true cavils or belongs and support the militias also if they have military affairs it is higher discrimination disconsider civil men and put women just a civil when it does and when they can self-defense and assault men it is a totally cowardly putting women as the victims and as the saints and even promoting those feminists policies that are not equal if don't corresponded to the reality and are based in feminist or old fashioned machismo.

Only children’s is civil and those doesn’t have politically responsibility but all the rest has and all the rest an help to kill a men soldier or another persons, it is old fashioned and feminist cowardly of intellectual and psychological violence special against men and equal right considering women as civil even knowing that they participate and have the capacities enough to be militaries even whit doping (natural anabolic substances, nandrolone and derivates, GW and IGF-1, anabolic amino acids, health and super-development training as the Amazonas does.




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