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Dears sirs

We Demand to charge of illicit instigation for crime and inhuman sentence, incoherence and sadism, in relation of human rights, flexibility and respect for those ones mental disturbed and as well of easily creation of fuck witnesses and accusations putting sexual crimes to aggravate the accusation even whiteout evidences enough or even without intercourse and evidences if any fraternity act is by sexual libido our sympathy whit the child.

To the feminist who manipulate against the men, specialty putting men as the target of crime but they don’t consider crime to a women or try to interpret in their manipulator way.

We demand that these persons in the blog of and us today should be charged of criminal instigation for crime as revenge and justice manipulation and unrespect to the accused human rights.

If is to kill any one accused by that is better the suspect kill the victims and the whiteness or even explode as a kamikaze whit bombs to kill all the parliament and legislators or magistrates and associations, specially feminists, that politically manipulated the law.

If it is to mutilate, it would give a reason to revenge from those ones that mutilated or demanded for that, to mutilate them too and even kill them.

There is no proportionality in radical sentences comparing whit the physical damages.

We are sure that is for money, the reason of victimology and especially impartially or completed fake of reality and for others revenges.

Radical policies demand radical crime.

No tolerance is no brain and no ethiques and human reality.

Best regards

Thank you





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