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The hypocrisy and feminist manipulation in the society

(Some philosophical thesis)

Currently, we took knowledge of the feminist deputies in the European parliament that want to manipulate the merit and equality against men, especially whit the Sweden feminist presidency of Europe and many influences in the council of Europe .

Is intellectual manipulation and violence form the feminist deputies that want to put women in power, just because they are women, even without having the status, merit, knowledge’s, social status, impartiality of gender ideologies specially feminist (that the majority of women in not), economic and scientific status and Further factors of psychological profile and intellectual and ethic profile .

If feminist in politics and society always assault men to coerce their rights and liberties, merits and power, and always try to put women superior to men, discriminating them positively without give and be humanist and give the same rights for equality and positive discrimination for men, specially in those issues that men is losing and affect.

Currently, men cannot live whit women, cannot establish relationships and it would increase the feminist hypocrisy whit the time, if is not blamed, arrested, accused those criminal feminist that manipulates traffic of influences, discrimination against men and positive discrimination to women.

They are going against the constitutionality, human right and humanism, and also against the nature and naturals laws of evolutionism.

Please block and lawsuit those feminist, coerce the political access, even if they are not radicals, androphobic’s, psychotics, obsessive lesbians that usually are radical feminists.

The feminism demands justice and equality but is just for women not for men, when men is victim or accused is not under the same treatment and law as a female, because feminism is hypocrisy and puts in reality equality as superiority and justice as exclusive for women but not for men, when for men they are less defended and victims as women.

The feminist crimes or considered but feminist stereotypes as mainstreaming against men, to make serious the crimes and discriminate them to benefit women but discriminate negatively men, exploiting men juridical and hypocritally and coercing men of the same rights to benefit. As you can see, many feminists crimes are consider and judge as a homicide or more than mutilation, that is unfair and instigating to make worst crimes as multiple homicides as terrorism and mutilations specially to coerce the expression and sensitivity organs.

Men is constantly discriminated in health, specially is it is illness that is by mainstreaming or exclusively against men, justice and family justice, politics, aesthetics and well-being, dressing and dress freedom, liberty of opinion against feminism and philosophical arguments, without mention that they are conformist to feminism and manipulated by them that they don’t even find the true arguments to defend themselves.

As for example many thing are devised and created by men, those thing have many commanding and as sex dignity should be men commanding otherwise if it is not men should have the same treatment to control the things that are controlled by women, women in nature had a traditional and biological sexually determinants to the pregnancy and child care, however men is stilling discriminated, nowadays to have the children when divorce or others rights as traditionally were for women, so for women have all the rights but not for men, meanwhile you should se that is difficult to have all the things, or is one things or another, but not for women and feminism.

Whit the intellectualization of women they become selfish, envies, to have the work, position and many men’s stuffs in society, specially the best ones, however the civil construction work they don’t want to do it and let that for men, reason that many men become sick, don’t develop their brain, become criminally, toxically dependents even by alcohol and tobacco, become stressed, psychotics and whit bad nutrition.

Whit the women feminist discrimination against men as by negligence and ignorance especially in health men become sick and whit the illness will behave criminally or whit indignity, even the ju




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