De VIAMREC a 4 de Agosto de 2007 às 05:59
Is a authentic feminist hypocrisy consider right in a hypocrite country as USA where in many states are the capital death, the death penalty, condemn to death a men accused of killing 2, 3 or more women and then rape them or before kill, but forgetting if he illness those right to be way from a cruel charge of death, but mostly forgetting those women who mutilate sexually men cutting the penis and or testicles before or after she kill him or kill them those men, or making sex or seducing them to kill them however that is not consider as a criminal women.
A women mother of 2 children or babies that kill them or even more than 2 but she stills free of charge of death sentence but if it were the father or a men it would probably be kill by the hypocrite justice system of that country as USA, that without exclude that he would have not the possibility to be consider illness as women does, whit all the support of women that wants to see men dead specially if charge of suppose crimes versus women.




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